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Case study methods Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Contextual analysis strategies - Essay Example Specialists structure some portion of the essential crowd for any sort of contextual analysis research.â Normally, contextual investigation research is planned to react to a specific inquiry (Yin, 2012). It includes assortment of applicable information, which is trailed by examination to approve any findings.â In business, a contextual analysis exploration may include considering a specific marvel in a given spot like an organization, nation or industry.â One of the most significant parts of contextual investigation research is that it accentuates that a wonder must be concentrated in its common setting.â A specialist sets aside effort to visit the characteristic setting of wonder and study the various entertainers as they approach their typical obligations. Contextual investigation examination can be exploratory or illustrative relying upon what the analyst tries to comprehend. Exploratory examination cases mean to find a given marvel or idea. Then again, informative context ual investigation research clarifies, tests or thinks about various events. Clearness is fundamental in a wide range of case research studies. In most inquiries, contextual analysis research responds to questions that start with words like why, how and who. It examines an occasion as it happens in its characteristic setting.â For instance, a scientist can choose to embrace an exploration that responds to the inquiry: How does Unilever treat its workers? This implies the scientist should visit Unilever and study the treatment of workers in its contemporary setting. In business, contextual analysis research utilizes exact proof to examine a given topic.

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What is art Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

What is craftsmanship - Essay Example This is the thing that can be characterized as feel. These two predominant jobs are intended to supplement and parity each other in any work of art. Any fine art is said to have a concealed capacity that regularly teaches individuals about nature and assist them with satisfying the feelings and profound needs of people. Accordingly structure supplements usefulness by following feelings and including stylish intrigue. Anyway some school of musings has asserted that craftsmanship is overwhelmingly characterized by style. Craftsmanship isn't tied in with understanding a bit of work, in this way on the off chance that one can't peruse the substance in a piece doesn't imply that they can't welcome it. Imagery or iconography the two involves recognizable proof and understanding of the topic in any fine art. Valuing a bit of workmanship requires a receptive outlook in this manner leaving it not entirely clear and therefore lies the magnificence in a piece that isn't effectively justifiable or meaningful, excellence is gotten from the formation of visual experience or fundamentally its tasteful structure. Plato depicted craftsmanship as an impersonation of nature. This implies a craftsman is impacted and driven by components of nature. Workmanship as indicated by the definition can be affected by numerous elements, for example, experience, creative mind and even impersonation. Innovativeness comprise of the capacity to consolidate thoughts in an extraordinary manner and make a helpful affiliation; it originates from human creative mind just as outside powers like nature and encounters and makes originality.Creativity and impersonation are fundamentally unrelated in that inventiveness can likewise roused by different people groups work. Impersonation in craftsmanship is because of an association between the first craftsman and the imitator; the imitator may attempt to show a specific side and articulation that was not in a bit of work initially. Impersonation along these lines is affected by innovation consequently a type of workmanship in itself. Impersonation has been utilized by num erous powerful specialists to reestablish harmed relics like Apollo statuette (Richter 204), impersonation is a key to endurance of craftsmanship and it

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Mythology free essay sample

The Myths are loaded with the occasions of the brutality of the divine beings. Giving various models, talk about the explanations behind the god’s remorselessness. Is it constantly legitimized? What does the brutality of the divine beings state about the Greeks perspective on the universe? Leading let’s talk about what a legend is; a story, something that was made up quite a while back, with its motivation to engage. What's more, in light of amusement esteem man made up these stories, or legends. The stories included various story lines, for example, sentiment, various characters, wars, and issues. A significant number of the fantasies had stories of viciousness, however from the Greek Gods the stories were revolved around. These divine beings were considered saints as a rule, investigate Hercules for instance, he is portrayed in the content (p. 569) as â€Å"the most prominent saint of Greece. † But take a look at his story, and you will see that he could be considered the most rough. We will compose a custom exposition test on Folklore or then again any comparable subject explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page Hercules was the child to Zeus and a human spouse, which Juno, Zeus’s Goddess wife (and sister), didn't favor of and never let Hercules survive. It really made him go insane and murder his better half and 3 children, before ousting himself from the divine beings and that family to look for absolution. He additionally tries to become and eternal god when he runs over Hera and is advised to do these twelve works which were all increasingly rough, and somewhat shameless, at that point the following, kill this brute, slaughter that evil presence, and take from this god, clean after that one. Despite the fact that rough the demonstrations of certain divine beings all through the legends, they do appear to keep still in their motivation to engage, the narratives are as yet being told. Consider it if in the story there wasn’t a trouble maker, or a sentiment occurring, the story needs a plot something energizing that paves the way to a peak, etc, for the timeframe that fantasies were coming to fruition and the territory they got from that point is nothing unexpected that there is viciousness. At exactly that point this wasn’t considered an issue these legends were really used to clarify day by day phenomenon’s and show exercises too. Savagery was an ordinary event then whether it was chasing for supper or their concept of sports viciousness was available so obviously it was available in their stories. Not exclusively was viciousness not equivalent to we consider it the principle characters in the accounts were divine beings, everlasting creatures, that couldn't be blamed under any circumstance, they were totally defended in their faithful universe of pretend. The battled with one another, they killed brutes, obliterated things and creatures, and this was their method of living it was a battle to get to the top sort disposition. The men were macho, they went out and battled like warriors and chased, while much like the fantasies the ladies were the objects of sentiment and ripeness and such animals. What does this sort of disposition toward remorselessness state about the Greeks? Of that time nothing, they were making up these accounts off what they knew and lived, at that point likewise adding a misrepresented creative mind to the blend and got fantasies. What does it say about their perspective on the universe? Well the Greeks thought they were better than others, that they basically were simply the divine beings and had the force. They thought were godlike and better and increasingly wonderful then different societies of the time.

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Poetic Justice in Boccaccios Decameron VIII7 with References to Dantes Inferno - Literature Essay Samples

Poetic Justice, with her lifted scale,Where in nice balance, truth with gold she weighs,And solid pudding against empty praise.-Alexander PopeIn the Seventh Story of the Eighth Day in Boccaccios Decameron, the storyteller states Many of the stories already narrated have caused us to laugh a great deal over tricks that people have played on each other, but in no case have we seen the victim avenging himself. The poetic justice of Boccaccios version of hell lies in the fact that the tortured becomes the torturer and vice-versa. The poetic justice is enhanced by the fact that throughout the story the characters of Rinieri and Elena switch from God-like to Satan-like roles. This essay will also highlight some points in the story which are very similar to ideas in Dantes Inferno.Boccaccio immediately sets up a comparison between Elena and Lucifer with his portrayal of her as dressed (as our widows usually are) in black and his description of Rinieris immediate infatuation with her at prec isely the moment when he was in need of a little diversion (i.e. idle hands do the devils work). It should also be noted that Rinieri found Elena, like sin, very tempting and intriguing: [She] seemed to him the loveliest and most fascinating woman he had ever seen. Rinieris perception of Elena as beautiful in the beginning of the story is sharply contrasted by Boccaccios image of her charred bloody body later on in the story, when Elena is described to be the ugliest thing in the world. This transformation of Elena, from Rinieris point of view, from a beautiful goddess to an ugly devil is symbolic of mankinds tendency to find certain sinful deeds beautiful and tempting at first, and later to be repulsed by the ugliness of the same actions. Boccaccio further shows the error in Rinieris lust after Elena by writing that Rinieri thought that if he could hold Elena naked in his arms he would truly be able to claim he was in Paradise, when actually his pursuit of this devilish woman lead s him to a hellish night. The comparison of Elena to the devil continues when Boccaccio describes her as not keeping her eyes fixed upon the ground[she] swiftly singled out those men who were showing an interest in her. This passage calls to the readers mind the image of the devil in hell looking upward to the earth, constantly looking for prospective sinners.In contrast, Rinieri is portrayed as an honest, somewhat faithful figure at the beginning of the story. Boccaccios use of Christmastide as the time of Rinieris hellful night and his reference of the scholar as the happiest man in Christendom are subtle clues that the scholar is an innocent, almost God-like figure whom is about to be tricked by the antichrist, or Lucifer. But Boccaccio lets the reader know that God (as represented by the scholar) will certainly prevail in the end when he writes in reference to Elena Ah, what a poor, misguided wretch she must have been, dear ladies, to suppose that she could get the better of a scholar! This passage also implies that God favors the intelligent, and that evil is inherent in the ignorant, as represented by the unintelligent, devilish Elena.On the other hand, it is possible to think of Elena as the God-like figure at the beginning of the story; her lover addresses her in a very Augustine-like fashion as the true source of my well-being, my repose and my delight, and the haven of all my desires. When she observes her lover dancing in a ridiculous fashion to ward off the cold Elena remarks Dont you think it clever of me to make men dance without the aid of trumpets or bagpipes? This is similar to the way in which God punishes the sinners in Dantes Inferno; they are freezing to death, and they are suffering in hell without the use of fire. Elena also questions her lover in this style that Dante questions the sinners in hell while her companion (in Dantes case, Virgil) keeps watch: You keep quiet while I talk to him, and well hear what he has to say. Perhaps it will be just as funny as it is to stand here and watch him.The scholars punishment for his lust for Elena is poetic justice as exemplified in Elenas pitiless remark to him, You always claim in your letters that you are burning all over because of your lust for me. The scholar, like Dante, eventually emerges from hell with the coming of the dawn. At this point in Boccaccios story, the transformation begins between Elenas role as a torturer, to her role as one who is tortured. Rinieris lust for revenge overpowers his lust for Elena, and like the souls in the Inferno with the frozen tears, he turns inward and thus increases [his] agony (33.96). From then on, Rinieri seeks out his revenge methodically, poetically and with a devilish cunning.The punishment which Elena receives is poetic justice on several different levels. First of all, Rinieri promises her that her lover will come to her in tears asking you to forgive and take pity on him when the reader knows that it is Elena who will be doing the weeping and pleading. It is also poetic that the scholar, who was frozen for his lust, seeks revenge by burning Elena for her cold cruelty.There is a clear invocation of Dante in the way that Rinieri is pitiless towards the suffering Elena. Like Dante, he taunts the hapless woman by reminding her of what her brothers, kinsfolk, neighbors and Florentine people in general [will] have to say, when it is known that [she] was found in this spot completely naked. Rinieri also reminds Elena that he could ruin her by the power of his pen and tells her you yourself, to say nothing of others, would have been mortified by the things I had written that you would have put your eyes out rather than look upon yourself ever again.In the end, both Elena and Rinieri escape from their respective hells and learn something from the torment they have received. Boccaccio, like Dante, has used hell as a didactic tool; at the end of the story he writes that Elena wisely refrained from playing a ny more tricks or falling deeply in love with anyone. But it would be shallow to assume that the only moral of this story is that one should refrain from trickery. This story can be interpreted to give a countless number of lessons, and perhaps the true poetic justice for Boccaccio is that scholarly readers will spend hours trying to find them all.

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Prejudice And Discrimination Due To Social Media - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 3 Words: 786 Downloads: 6 Date added: 2019/04/12 Category Society Essay Level High school Tags: Stereotypes Essay Did you like this example? Everyone at some point has seen a significant change that social media has done in its own role to display prejudice and discrimination. I have witnessed it myself through social ports and daily news. The overflowing negativity of news in which we may not want to hear can trigger a feeling of How can we stop this?, or perhaps what we can we contribute to change the world around us. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Prejudice And Discrimination Due To Social Media" essay for you Create order The fact is that prejudice and discrimination isnt only something that can be seen. Prejudice and discrimination can also take place in work and school environments. Therefore, I decided to focus this research on a specific place, and this place is college. Whether it was during the senior year of your high school career or over the summer, students have always encountered school admission essay questions based of diversity. Diversity is more than one group that get to share their culture, knowledge, experience, and beliefs. Diversity is a topic that is discussed through different panels and departments across a college campus. The reason why this happens is that having an environment of different people with unique backgrounds helps establish a message of not feeling superior to any other individual, which contradicts the stereotypes we might have for others. Matter fact, each individual has a chance to have a positive attitude towards themselves which can overcome stereotypes that they have been told or embedded in for years. An interesting research study I came across that talks about reducing prejudice and discrimination in a college campus is Reducing Prejudice on Campus: The Role of Intergroup Contact in Diversity Education. by Cynthia Berryman-Fink and the College Student Journal. Author Cynthia Fink started her study by getting 284 students from three colleges in the middle-western region of the United States to begin the journey of studying prejudice. Within the 284 students, ninety-four percent were between ages 25 to 34 and ninety-eight were heterosexual (College Student Journal. Sep2006, Vol. 40 Issue 3, p511-516. 6p. 1 Chart.). The number of participants were divided between the biggest portion being Caucasian and the smaller portion being the minorities. In this research, she was determined to gather information of general and specific prejudice to determine the mutual information from the five factors of Amir she used (College Student Journal. Sep2006, Vol. 40 Issue 3, p511-516. 6p. 1 Chart.) . A factor she had to think clearly on was if college students within those groups communicated before. This factor plays a role because she could study the prejudice based on her techniques, but it would be another variable if there is prejudice already towards an individual. The hypothesis in this research study plans to test five different contact factors on college students prejudice based on Allports pioneering theoretical work who believed that intergroup contact has much to do with prejudice. The intergroup contact that also clarifies her hypothesis is to analyze if a less prejudice approach is determined by the person being different or similar (College Student Journal. Sep2006, Vol. 40 Issue 3, p511-516. 6p. 1 Chart.). The measure in this research was possible because a 1992 model of general questions from Quaix, Cox and Schehrs was used, including nature questions from Amirs five factors of contact. According to the data analysis, it was confirmed that maintaining a diverse student body on a college campus does not decrease the chances of prejudice (College Student Journal. Sep2006, Vol. 40 Issue 3, p511-516. 6p. 1 Chart.). Instead, it proved that Amirs five factors of intergroup contact do have a relationship reducing generalized prejudice and h uman orientation prejudice among college students. On the table we are given to observe, we can which factor is high or low depending on the contacts. This table is credible because each number is near the correlation of 0.01. Because of her results, the author was able to implement strategies for a college based on the diversity. These strategies are to have faculty and staff give assignments of group work to different social backgrounds and races. This way, students can be eligible to share different perspectives and views about a course. This factor would lead students to feel that they belong in their college campus because they have a voice that can be represented in student organizations. The author also stated that campus housing staff should investigate and book roommates that are different ethnicities. These strategies can help improve and test the social factors to come up with better solutions to reduce prejudice in big social environments like college. Ms. Cynthias strategies help present that Amirs five contact factors are a way prejudice can be reduced, but she is extending the search to see other ways this can be done. References: Berryman-Fink, C. (2006). REDUCING PREJUDICE ON CAMPUS: THE ROLE OF INTERGROUP CONTACT IN DIVERSITY EDUCATION. College Student Journal, 40(3), 511-516.

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The Analysis of the Character Ophelia on Hamlet Essay

In William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Ophelia is the most static character in the play. Instead of changing through the course of the play, she remains suffering in the misfortunes perpetrated upon her. She falls into insanity and dies a tragic death. Ophelia has issues surviving without a male influence, and her downfall is when all the men in her life abandon her. Hamlet’s Ophelia, is a tragic, insane character that cannot exist on her own. In Elizabethan times, Ophelia is restricted as a woman. She is obedient to the commands of the men in her life although she often attempts to do the right thing. Polonius, Laertes, and Hamlet all have a grasp on Ophelia and who she is. She does not have the freedom to change her fate as Hamlet does.†¦show more content†¦Hamlet knows that she is helping her dad, Polonius, spy on him. He accuses Ophelia, and all women, of being a â€Å"breeder of sinners† (Shmoop Editorial Team 1). Hamlet orders Ophelia to a nunnery, but s he cannot call him out on it because she is not supposed to know what the word means. This is not the only criticism that Hamlet calls out to Ophelia. He says that if Ophelia is to marry a man, she will turn her husband into a monster because she will cheat on him (Shmoop Editorial Team 1). Hamlet: â€Å"If thou dost marry, I’ll give thee this plague for thy dowry: be thou as chaste as ice, as pure as snow, thou shalt not escape calumny. Get thee to a nunnery, farewell. Or, if thou wilt needs marry, marry a fool, for wise men know well enough what monsters you make of them. To a nunnery, go, and quickly too. Farewell† (3.1.130-134). The lack of women in Ophelia’s life deprives her from any influence in her life to help guide her. Gabrielle Dane says, â€Å"Motherless and completely circumscribed by the men around her, Ophelia has been shaped to conform to external demands, to reflect others’ desires† (qtd. in Brown 1). Since Ophelia has no woman in fluence in her life, Polonius is left as the dominant role in her life (Brown 1). She is an obedient daughter and abides by the rules her father gives her with no protest. She is seen as her father’s property (Maki 2). HerShow MoreRelatedCharacter Analysis of Ophelia in Hamlet by William Shakespeare808 Words   |  3 PagesOphelia is completely virtuous and dependent on the men in her life, which is something I can identify with. Of all the characters in the play Hamlet, the one I liked the most is Ophelia. Shakespeare portrayed her beautifully and put all his emotions into Ophelia’s character. Ophelia showed the exact image of the majority of women from my home country. In the play Hamlet, Ophelia was the most innocent, meek, but distraught character. Ophelia was a young, innocent girl, who was spirited and was theRead MoreCharacter Analysis of Ophelia and Gertude in Shakespeare ´s Hamlet1128 Words   |  5 PagesShakespeares most famous plays is, Hamlet. In Hamlet, the women, Ophelia and Gertrude were portrayed as property, non- controlling, inferior, and solely dependent on men throughout the play. Ophelia is an obedient daughter who is dependent on her father, Polonius for guidance. Ophelia and Hamlet were deeply in love, until his mother, Gertrude married his uncle, Claudius, the day of his fathers funeral. After seeing this, Hamlet believes that all women, including his love, Ophelia are weak and only wantedRead MoreThe Profound Impact Of Female Characters Of Shakespeare s Hamlet930 Words   |  4 PagesProfound Impact of Female Characters in Hamlet How much of an impact can the women in a man’s life have on his thoughts and actions? A mother is the first woman her son will come into contact with, and can skew her son’s image of women through her actions. A man’s significant other also has the ability to bring out the best in him, but can also become the target for his anger and stray emotions. In William Shakespeare s Hamlet, although there are only two main female characters, both women†¯possess crucialRead MoreThe Symbolism Of Ophelia s Hamlet 1500 Words   |  6 Pagesdifferent readers? Text Analyzed: Shakespeare’s Hamlet Part of the Course to Which the Text Corresponds to: Part 4 Thesis: In Shakespeare’s tragedy, Hamlet, Ophelia’s role would be interpreted as a plot device by a modern English woman and as a victim by an Elizabethan woman. This would occur because of their understanding of the symbolism of Ophelia’s actions in madness, the context surrounding Hamlet’s view of her, and their characterization of Ophelia. Argument 1 Topic Sentence: The two readersRead MoreHamlet Relationships And Madness Essay1246 Words   |  5 PagesMadness A few of the characters within the play Hamlet showed signs of madness. The characters went mad due to the antagonizing relationships they had with other characters; the madness within the play created a chain reaction among the characters. In the end, the characters’ madness led to their own and others untimely demise. Claudius’ jealousy of Hamlet senior began his downward spiral to madness. Claudius’ lust for Queen Gertrude, his brother’s wife, led to him killing Hamlet senior. â€Å"Pray canRead MoreHamlet Character Analysis961 Words   |  4 PagesWhen one reads William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, it is easy to overlook the female characters as powerless and subservient. However, things are not always what they seem at first glance, as a further analysis of Gertrude and Ophelia suggests. Although the plot centers around Hamlet’s quest for revenge, these two female characters have a profound influence on what transpires. These women certainly play more significant roles than they seem at first. In Act I, Gertrude appears to be an unfaithful wifeRead MoreWilliam Shakespeare s Hamlet - Ophelia s Struggle And Madness1088 Words   |  5 Pages1 Pregnant with Madness— Ophelia’s Struggle and Madness in Hamlet Yi-Chi Chen Intergrams 11.2(2011): ISSN: 1683-4186 Abstract Madness in Hamlet is one of the crucial themes for Shakespeare to depict the chaotic turbulence in the Hamlet family and the court of Denmark. Due to Claudius’s usurpation of the Old Hamlet’s crown and queen, characters such as Hamlet, Ophelia, and Gertrude suffer seriously from betrayal, resentment, and enragementRead MoreHamlet by William Shakespeare1456 Words   |  6 PagesThe play Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, takes place in a time where the impossible was a part of the lives of everyday people. Occurrences that people in the modern time would believe unbelievable. Yet, with just a quill and parchment Shakespeare’s is able to connect the past and present by weaving a plot with skill that is still unparalleled to this day. The play Hamlet this exceeds this expectation by revealing depth of Hamlets, the protagonists, character personality through the useRead MoreAnalysis And Comparison Of Ophelia And Antigone1485 Words   |  6 PagesAnalysis and Comparison of Ophelia and Antigone Analysis of Antigone Antigone s story begins in the middle of things as the audience is expected to be aware of her background. Antigone firmly believed that she and her sister were the final victims of a curse that was placed upon their family long ago. The rest of her family members had already paid the price of the evil, and it was, therefore, their destiny to die as well. As a result of the curse, Antigone, and her sister Ismene are destined toRead MoreThe Death and Madness of Ophelia1248 Words   |  5 PagesApril 19, 2013 â€Å"The Madness Death of Ophelia† Hamlet, Prince of Denmark: By; William Shakespeare In Hamlet, Shakespeare makes it clear that Prince Hamlet is insane or at least on the verge of â€Å"madness.† However, Ophelia (daughter of Polonius, King of Denmark) begins to go mad, as well, after Hamlet kills her father, and the other numerous tragedies that plague her like a black cloud hovering about until her untimely death. In this literary analysis I will ask, and attempt to explain the

Marketing Business Brief

Question: Discuss about theMarketing for Business Brief. Answer: Introduction Marketing plan depicts all the business activities, which are associated with accomplishment of specific marketing objective within stipulated time frame. It is a comprehensive blueprint and document, which outlines the marketing and advertising efforts of an organization for the coming years. An effective marketing plan is focused on framing the steps and actions of an organization towards achieving its planned goals. This particular course is aimed at developing a marketing plan for the laser keyboard. During the past few weeks, we have framed strategy, identified market opportunities and focused on price and product. Moreover, we have focused on these activities towards developing a customer driven marketing strategy for the laser keyboard. This course will also focus on the place (distribution) factor, which is a major component of marketing mix. This aspect will highlight the details of the distribution strategy and analyze the ways of local distribution within Oman. Distribution or placement strategy defines the ways of transferring the products from manufacturing units to end customers. Furthermore, the place in marketing mix describes the specific place, where consumers can avail the products of a specific organization. Moreover, there is a chain of intermediaries and businesses through which products and services of an organization are reached to the end customers. This chain of intermediaries can include retailers, wholesalers, distributors and even the internet. This chain of intermediaries is known as distribution channel. The products of an organization can be placed in the physical markets like departmental stores, hypermarket and supermarket. Moreover, the products can also be placed on virtual market like i nternet. Distribution channel is highly significant for an organization, as it offer place utility to the consumers. Moreover, it can also become the deciding factor for the customer towards purchasing a specific product. Choosing a right place can enhance the sales volume of an organization and maintain customer attraction for the products over longer period. Furthermore, proper distribution can lead to increasing market share, profits and revenues of an organization. Effective placement is highly important for an organization towards reaching the right customers at right time. It also focuses on effective connection between the places of the products and places of the customers. Moreover, it decided the ways of storing the products in the interim and finally, transporting them to the end customers (Martin, 2014). Analysis SWOT analysis the internal strength and weakness and external opportunities and threats of an organization. Moreover, it is a structured planning method for evaluating the effectiveness of an organization. Furthermore, the SWOT analysis can also be carried out for a person, an industry, a place or a product. This analysis identifies the business objectives of an organization and recognizes the internal and external factors of the organization, which are favorable or unfavorable towards achieving those objectives (Tony, n.d). As per the SWOT analysis, the technology of Oman is highly advanced. Oman is extremely interested to adopt the advancing and trending technology. A responsive and flexible supply chain is extremely important towards recognizing and responding to the customer demands. In order to beat the global competition, organizations are most likely to reduce lead time for manufacturing, enhance asset utilization and collaborate effectively with the suppliers. The consumer el ectronic industry is changing most rapidly and embracing dynamic change over the years. Products, which had not any existence until a decade ago, have now undergone rapid change. Organizations have incorporated endless chain of innovation and developed new products (, n.d). Effective supply chain is extremely important for achieving competitive advantage. Organizations always try to influence the decisions of the customers at each stage of their business processes. The buying decisions of the customers are highly dependent on price and utility of the products. Consumer Electronics Durable industry (CED) is such an industry, where price of the products is quite high, but the utility of the products is also quite high at the same time. For instance, customers are to spend highly amount of money for buying an air condition, but the utility of air condition is quite high. Customers are most likely to utilize it randomly. One of the other features of this industry is its high clock speed. New and innovative products are launched within short span of time and it ultimately makes purchasing decision more complex. Purchasing process is highly affected by attitude, beliefs and values of the customers. Organizations are most likely to segment their customers by their demographics, locations, lifestyles and disposable incomes. Furthermore, innovative products are also responsible for influencing the purchasing decisions of the customers. Here is the importance of core technology suppliers. Consumerization of technology has caused battle among different organizations towards gaining enhancing market share (Peeyush, 2015). The supply chains for the electronic products are highly effective in Oman. The strong supply chains of the organizations have enabled them towards obtaining right resources from the suppliers and delivering the finished products to the customers effectively. The Consumer Electronics in Oman is divided into two segments namely consumer appliance and customer electronics. The players in this market face extreme challenges in term of logistics and enhancing cost of selling. The players are to depend on other countries in regards to their finished products and it is a high as 95%. Moreover, this dependency has resulted in increasing cost for inventories and supply chain. Most of the organizations are to work on three tire distribution system for avoiding logistic cost as well as it implications. In this way, the activities of upstream supply chain have become highly significant in this region. These activities are mostly associated with procurement raw materials. It implies that the suppliers manufacture their own products and have their own supply chain (Peeyush, 2015). The IT companies of Oman are to face lower cost as compared to the companies in other countries. In this way, the organizations can gain competitive advantage over their rivals and make them low cost producers. Most of the organizations push their products in the market through reducing their price initially. Furthermore, the organizations also get the opportunities of enhancing their sales volume through effective online market. Customers are more likely to purchase electronic gadgets through online medium. The technology acceptance of the customers is extremely high. In case of leaser keyboard, it is highly sellable to the schools, colleges, offices and hospitals. Oman is now quite advance through the utilization of computers in each field. There are various local IT companies and effective deals with these types of companies can definitely enhance the sales volume of the laser keyboards. Political, Economic, and Technological Factors Political issues include all the legal issues and government regulations, which have major impact on the profitability and success of an organization. Moreover, the legal issues consider the copyright, tax guidance, property law enforcement, trade regulations, safety regulations, employment laws, political stability, environmental and social policies. Economic issues can consider the outside economic issues, which can have major impact of the success of the business. Economic factors include exchange rate, inflation rate, economic growth, unemployment policies, economic stability, credit availability, resource cost and anticipated shifts of commodities. Technological factors include the technological issues with affects the ways of delivering products to the customers and invent new products. Moreover, some of the other considerations are included like technological advancement, life cycle of current technology, potential changes in technology, role of internet and Government spendin g on technological advancement. Furthermore, the organizations are also to consider the factors like generational shifts and their technological expectation. It helps in deciding the customer groups and the ways of delivering products to the customers. Industrial sectors highly affect the economic conditions of Oman and they have contributed almost 54.9% to the total GDP of the country in 2015. . Mining and quarrying is the most important contributing sector, which has contributed almost 21.2% to GDP of the country. Oman is highly expected to initiate huge numbers of infrastructural projects like building industrial centers, roads, hospitals, roads, trades and airports. In the 9th developmental plan (5 years), Oman has directed prioritization of capital expenditure, encouraged private investment and crated job offerings for the nationals in private sectors. The Government of economy has diversified the countrys economy from oil sectors to non-oil sectors. The non-oil sectors including retail sector, education, financial sector, residential housing, healthcare sector and banking sector is expected to drive the economic growth of the Oman. Oman has been considered as the most liberal and democratic countries in Middle East Region. Om an mostly follows constitutional monarchy and therefore, it has stable political condition. The country has been selected as 27th largest gas reserves and 25th oil reserves within the World. Oman has warm national and international relations. Moreover, it has effective international assessment in regards to business environment. In the Golf-region, the country has best-equipped armed forces. The armed forces of this country have close relationship with the foreign armies. Moreover, the armed forces are provided effective training and brief frequently by the British armies. Industrial sector mainly drives the economic growth of Oman. However, the country is facing huge social challenges in terms of increasing crime rate. The crime rate is increasing the corruption rate of the country. The main challenge faced by Oman is its dependency on its oil revenue. The declination of oil price severely impacts the GDP of the country. One of the other challenges faced by Oman is its low investment in RD. The Oman Government has huge support for foreign direct investment towards opening employment opportunities and developing the economic condition of the country. The Ministry of Commerce has permitted the foreign companies for using various resources, investing their technologies and business processes towards developing the countrys economy. Oman has stable political condition and requires licenses for the activities like import, export and similar others. The economic condition of Oman welcomes new products, business and technologies. The tax rate of the country is competitively low. Moreover, Oman has open economy, which is actually driven by energy. The employment rate of the country is stable and its economic condition is strong, which is continuing to develop. Furthermore, the job opportunities of the country are increasing with the availability of the gypsum, copper, cobalt, gold, silicon and iron. These are milestones for the country, which help it towards performing well. The easy accessibility of electricity, rise of mobile technology, transportation network and wireless Internet facilitate easiness in operating business in Oman. The Government of Oman continues to invest in IT being the part of Digital Oman Scheme and other strategies towards diversifying the economy. The industry development of Oman can be seen through the IT sector with its development of new brand e-Oman in 2009. The development of e-Oman has diversified the country based on technology and enabled the people towards accessing all types of information through internet. Therefore, from the above discussion it can be seen that the economic, political and technological condition of Oman is quite effective. Hence, the laser keyboard has scope towards growing in the market of this country and gaining success. Moreover, the country also has huge business scope, as it always welcome new technologies and increasing numbers of schools, colleges, offices and hospitals, which only use computers. Therefore, it is possible to reach out our target customers effectively. We will also be able to distribute our keyboards in an easy and effective manner, since the transportation system of Oman is highly effective. Conclusion While concluding the study, it can be said that Oman is a politically stable country and its economic condition is quite strong. Moreover, the country is quite flexible in adopting new technologies with the dynamic business environment. Therefore, it will be effective to launch laser keyboard in the market of this country. The laser keyboards will get extensive welcome in the schools, colleges, offices and hospitals of Oman, as there is extensive utilization of computers. The technological demand of the new generation in this country will also enhance the scope laser keyboards in this market. Moreover, technological advancement will also support the supply chain effectiveness of the laser keyboards.